About accessories

Q: What accessories and packaging will be attached to the purchased product?

A: The purchased products will have different accessories and packaging depending on the brand and purchase method. Generally speaking, for regular-priced non-discounted products purchased directly at counters, as long as the brand has accessories provided by the brand, such as dust bags, hang tags, guarantee cards, etc., they will be attached. Outlet and discount products only have basic packaging, such as plastic bags or paper bags. Bags and shoes themselves usually come without boxes, except for Chanel and Hermès bags. If you need a box, please make a special mention and note when placing an order. However, please note that the box will increase the size and weight, so there will be an additional 1 kg for international shipping. Other products such as wallets and trinkets will be attached as long as the brand has a box. We will try our best to provide a complete assembly, but the actual receipt is the main focus. If the brand does not provide accessories, we have no way to provide them, please understand.

Q: How to buy limited-order products?

A: Limited-purchase products refer to special styles or series launched by some brands, with very small quantities and high demand. These items are often hard to come by and require advance reservations or queues to pre-order. If you want to buy products with limited purchases, please contact our customer service staff first and tell us the name, style, color and size of the product you want. We will try our best to help you find and buy your favorite products. But please note that because limited purchase items are very rare, we cannot guarantee that they will be available. We'll let you know right away if we manage to get one. If it is still out of stock, we will also recommend other similar or related products for you.